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Teambuilding or group DINaMICS

What is it?

The Team Building, is a collective term to define a set of activities that seeks to form high-performance teams and improve interpersonal relationships within a group.


Effective work

The human being changes his behavior based on experiences and not so much based on knowledge. The success of companies in the 21st century will be based on the improvement of the assembly between experiences-knowledge of each employee.


Get to know us without commitment. We promise you that this is a good choice. We will take care of visiting you in your office to listen to your needs, wants and objectives and to present the most appropriate proposals for you.


To have a better contact and follow up on your request of "Team Building" please contact us through the page exclusively dedicated to this type of activities.

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To compete in the 21st century, in addition to instructing and motivating, it is essential to develop and integrate: Team building

Team building or team integration are group dynamics or fun training.


The Ministry of Labor and Social Security granted us two documents that accredit us as external training agents. We can send these diplomas by email with their registration numbers so that you can confirm our credibility and professionalism in the website of the ministry. This is important for any company that has to demonstrate its workshops, courses and trainings before organizations such as ISO or others. We practice and promote continuous improvement.


Ecoturismo Integrando Equipos practices and promotes "Team Building". With experience since 1996 in Mexico, we are experts in the most advanced systems in "Team Building", practiced in Asia, Europe and America. It is a fun and attractive system with effective and practical results that will be an excellent investment for the improvement of your company.