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Private ecotours

Contact us to design private eco tours for you, for individuals, couples or groups. We have thousands of options throughout the republic, designing them we choose hotel depending on your wishes, or camping, with the level of adrenaline that you like or very calm, but always with the highest level of safety and quality in service. Telephone and contact emails for more information, at the bottom of the page.


We created a list of one- and multiple day excursions close to Guadalajara, Jalisco. In this list you will find a variety of adventurous as well as more calm excursions. 


In ECOTURS.MX, we offer many types of trips so that in your vacations you can enjoy the most beautiful places of Mexico and Costa Rica. Our travel packages are designed for you to enjoy your holidays in nature. We are a modern combination of an ecological direct travel agency and sustainable tour operator. Below you can find a list with some places we travel to.


Our main ecotourism destinations in Mexico are in the following states:

(Listing in order of frequency of visits)

- Chiapas.

- San Luis Potosí. (Huasteca Potosina).

- Jalisco.

- Chihuahua. (Sierra Tarahumara).

- Veracruz.

- Nayarit.

- Oaxaca.

- Tabasco.

- Yucatán

- Quintana Roo.

- Campeche.

- Michoacán.

- Puebla.

- Zacatecas.

- Baja California Sur.

- Colima.

- Tlaxcala.

In our ecotourism trips you will see incredible places like Hierve el Agua in Oaxaca, the waterfalls of El Salto, Minas Viejas or Meco de la Huasteca Potosina, the Lakes of Montebello in Chiapas, just to mention a few.



We organize open or private trips according to your needs.

- Real de Asientos; Aguascalientes

- Todos Santos; Baja California Sur

- Loreto; Baja California Sur

- Palizada; Campeche

- Creel; Chihuahua

- Parras de la Fuente, Coahuila

- Cuatro Ciénagas; Coahuila

- Comala; Colima

- San Cristóbal de las Casas; Chiapas

- Dolores Hidalgo; Guanajuato

- Mineral de Pozos; Guanajuato

- Taxco; Guerrero

- Real del Monte; Hidalgo

- Huasca de Ocampo; Hidalgo

- Mineral del Chico; Hidalgo

- Tapalpa; Jalisco

- Tequila; Jalisco

- Mazamitla; Jalisco

- San Sebastián del Oeste; Jalisco

- Tepotztlán; Morelos

- Tlayacapan; Morelos

- El Oro; México

- Tepotzotlán; México

- Malinalco; México

- Pátzcuaro; Michoacán

- Tlalpujahua; Michoacán

- Cuitzeo; Michoacán

Lugares turisticos de Mexico, Pueblos magicos

- Santa Clara del Cobre; Michoacán

- Angangueo; Michoacán

- Santiago; Nuevo León

- Capulálpam de Méndez; Oaxaca

- Cuetzalan; Puebla

- Zacatlán de las Manzanas; Puebla

- Pahuatlán; Puebla

- Bernal; Querétaro

- Jalpan de Serra; Querétaro

- Cardereyta de Montes; Querétaro

- Bacalar; Quintana Roo

- Real de Catorce; San Luís Potosí

- Xilitla; San Luís Potosí

- Cosalá; Sinaloa

- El Fuerte; Sinaloa

- Álamos; Sonora

- Magdalena de Kino; Sonora

- Tapilulapa; Tabasco

- Mier; Tamaulipas

- Tula; Tamaulipas

- Huamantla; Tlaxcala

- Coatepec; Veracruz

- Xico; Veracruz

- Izamal; Yucatán

- Jerez de García Salinas; Zacatecas

- Teul González Ortega; Zacatecas

 - Sombrerete; Zacatecas.