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About us

Ecotourism, unlike traditional tourism, allows not only to disconnect from the daily routine, but also to acquire experiences and knowledge that sensitizes, educates and involves tourists with the current conditions of our planet, through interaction with their natural environment, their cultural diversity and socio-economic circumstances, to make them aware of and participate in both changes and solutions.

Who are we?

Since February 1996, we are pioneers and leaders in ecotourism throughout Mexico and Costa Rica, promoting a variety of adventure sports, courses, motivational trips and "Team building" for companies. ECOTURS.MX seeks to improve the health and fun of each participant through frequent contact with nature through ecological excursions and the practice of adventure sports.

Team building

Objective - Strategy - Culture

We organize team building trips since 1996, for large companies (thousands of people), medium companies (hundreds) and small companies (from a dozen). Many companies contact us periodically to achieve development and integration in their company. For each Team Building we have a group of experts with great experience to develop the event.

In order to develop and integrate the participants of a group quickly it is necessary:

  1. Change their environment.
  2. Take them to pleasant, impressive  and beautiful places and put the persons in contact with nature.
  3. Challenge the person to use all his/her senses and make him/her interact with the group as well as with the nature in unusual activities.  

To integrate:

Make differences add up to positive results instead of producing problems.

Match actions.



Determine goals to achieve.

Organization of events depending on:


Available time.

Physical - mental conditions of participants.

Objective for ourselves:

To be a competitive, productive, efficient, self-sustaining, ecological and eco-literate,  and an evolved organization, not just internally, but also at the family, business and social levels and  an outstanding leader for the market in ecotourism, adventure tourism, rural tourism, ethnic tourism and Team Building at national and international levels.


Strategies to achieve our goal:

Obtaining new clients (websites, media, recommendations, talks, etc.)

Existing customer portfolio

Phone Calls

Emails and social media



Post sale

Quality and quantity of internal and external personnel


Continuous improvement.


Business culture:

Every day we value, measure and increase the quality and quantity of  the contribution we make to our productivity, efficiency, self-sustainability, internal and external ecology; our contribution to society (s), companies, families and internal (team), enjoying our leadership as a company in the market of buyers and sellers.

Sustainability and social responsibility

Our commitment to the environment, sustainability, green economy, our workers and communities is very strong. 100% of the paper we use is recycled, which means that 0 trees have been felled by our use of paper, folders and cards.


Our uniforms and shirts on sale are and have been for years of organic cotton and now also organic bamboo and ecological ink. 


We offer at cost of factory in all our events: biodegradable soap, biodegradable shampoo, biodegradable repellent, biodegradable sunscreen and biodegradable cream, all certified organic and locally produced, laboratory tested but not on animals.


We regularly plant trees that we care for.


We play documentaries on ecology and climate change in all our ecotours.


In the office we have one small organic urban vegetable gardens from which all our workers can eat. We celebrate our birthdays by eating at organic restaurants. We celebrate our anniversaries and inns with organic food. We have been deeply involved in projects to support and improve the indigenous situation in several states of the country.


We practice and promote fair and local trade as much as we can. We offer and take courses and workshops on ecology, sustainable practices, civil liability, climate change, flora and fauna in danger of extinction, etc.


Our CEO, Aníbal Nuevo, is a vegetarian and constant consumer of certified and local organic products.

More than half of our workers use public transport, walk or bicycle to come to work.


We have many plans to lower our carbon footprint and methane, for example one of our goals is to continue saving to buy an electric car to transport small groups of customers to our private ecotours in Jalisco. We are also working to start a proyect to build new offices and an eco hotel with 100% sustainable materials.


We accept payments using: 

- Physical credit card.

- Bank deposit or transfer in mexican pesos at the mexican bank: BBVA.

- Crypto: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Stellar (XML), Binance coin (BNB) and Monero (XMR).