Equipment rental

In our office in Guadalajara Jalisco, you can rent: tents, sleeping bags, life jackets, mattresses and inflatable mattresses. Please, let us know in advance if you would like to rent something, so that we can check if the required equipment is available for the dates that you are looking for. You can call us or send us an email.


When renting equipment, you will have to leave a cash deposit, which will be returned upon the return of the equipment. The price is per night.


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Tents for rent

Tent for 2 persons

Rent a tent for 2 people, mark Ozark Trail for one night, if you pass by it in our office in Zapopan Jalisco.



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Tent for 3 persons

Rent for one night, a tent for 3 people, brand Ozark Trail.



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Tent for 3 persons

Rental of tent for 3 people, brand Golden Hills. Rent per night.



  • solamente cantidad limitada existente

Tent for 8 persons

Golden Hills tent rental per night for 8 people (we do not recommend putting more than 5).



  • solamente cantidad limitada existente

Sleeping bags for rent

Sleeping bag kids

Rental of Sleeping bag Sunny brand, small with flannel, 150 cm long by 75 cm wide (only for children). Rent per weekend.



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Sleeping bag Adults

Rental of Sleeping bag Sunny brand, model with flannel lining, 200cm long by 75cm wide. Rent per night.



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Inflatable mattresses

Ecological inflatable mattress

Rent per night of inflatable mattress, ecological. Brand Comfort Green. Measures: 1.85 meters x 76 cm x 22 cm.



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Life jackets for rent

Life jackets

Rental price per night for each lifejacket, we have the small, medium and large sizes.



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Important notes for rental in our online store:

We require a refund guarantee payment for all rentals, consists of the rental price x 3, for example, if the equipment rent for the weekend is at 129 pesos, to withdraw the product will be paid rent of 129 pesos plus the guarantee deposit of 387 pesos. The security deposit will be returned as soon as the equipment is returned. In case any of the products for rent is damaged by stains, burns, torn or simply lost, we take your deposit and will keep the damaged product in case it has not been lost. All the rents that we offer are made in our office in Guadalajara Jalisco, to personally show the perfect state of the product for rent. We do not include freight. We require a photocopy, scan or photograph of an official identification of who rents our equipment.