What we offer

Ecoturismo, Turismo de aventura, Mexico
Cañón del Sumidero, Chiapas

Ecological tourism trips in all Mexico designed according to your wishes. Nature waits for you!

Turismo de aventura, Costa Rica turismo
El Arenal, Costa Rica

Vacations in Costa Rica, unforgettable experiences!

Ecoturismo, Turismo de aventura
Guachimontones, Jalisco

Tours from one to more days in Jalisco, ecotourism, adventure and camping.

Renta, Camping
Renta de equipo

Tents of various sizes, sleeping bags, mats, inflatable mattresses, life jackets and snorkels.

Team building, Ecoturismo
Actividades de Team Building

Training and integration of teams through one-day or multi-day group dynamics.

Walk with your dog
desde MX$799.00 1
Paseo con perros
desde MX$799.00 1
Aventuraleza (Costa Rica)
desde MX$32,771.87 1
Camping in San Lorenzo
desde MX$1,599.00 1
Felsklettern am Cuajo
desde MX$999.00 1
Canyoning azul turquesa
desde MX$1,500.00 1
Ökologische Luftmatratze
MX$133.45 MX$93.42 1
MX$99.00 MX$69.30 1
Erwachsenen Schlafsack
MX$211.03 MX$147.42 1
Zelt für 3 Personen
MX$315.52 MX$220.86 1
Zelt für drei Personen
MX$341.38 MX$238.97 1
Zelt für 8 Personen
MX$755.17 MX$528.62 1
MX$172.41 MX$120.69 1
Zelt für 2 Personen
MX$229.31 MX$160.52 1
Life jackets
MX$99.00 MX$69.30 1
Tent for 3 persons
MX$341.38 MX$238.97 1
Tent for 8 persons
MX$755.17 MX$528.62 1
Sleeping bag kids
MX$172.41 MX$120.69 1
Sleeping bag Adults
MX$211.03 MX$147.72 1