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Ecotourism and adventure

 We will take you to touristic sites in midst of stunning nature all over Mexico and Costa Rica in group or individual trips. Our most popular journeys lead you for instance to Chiapas, Huasteca Potosina and many more beautiful states and destinations. We offer for example activities like hiking, camping, observation or jumping from waterfalls, observation of flora and fauna in forests, jungles, deserts, magic villages and beaches in Mexico and Costa Rica. Sustainable travels manifest the core of our corporate philosophy.


Do you like adventures? We offer canyoning, waterfalls, snorkeling, rock climbing, abseiling, mountain biking and zip lining. All our guides are certified by SECTUR.

Team Building

Do you want to improve atmosphere at work? Or do you want to improve your co-workers productivity and cooperation?


Hire us to provide training for  your company such as group dynamics in order to reach your company's objectives:For example teamwork, proactive and purposeful communication, team integration, and many more!

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Team Building activities

What is ecotourism?

It is a new kind of tourism with a great focus on the environment. Ecotourism comes from a need to adapt and respond to the current social, economic, cultural and ecological circumstances, sensibilizing for problems resulting out of these circumstances and actively contributing to finding solutions for these problems. We want to create ab industry without smoking chimneys, pollution and  toxic drains. An industry that instead of destroying nature, cares and admires it, as well as protects and conserves it. We bring people together with nature and reduce stress levels,  and promote a healthier, more sustainable and conscious economy in the places we visit.


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